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View Diary: The Emerging Story Behind the Wiretaps UPDATED (169 comments)

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    FYI, I recently updated my diary after a comment thread made clear the many/most of the violations happened during the Clinton administration.  However (as I said there), in my view this does little to change two of the main emphases of my diary, which wasn't just about the violations that led to the friction between the DoJ and the judges, but also about two things I see as more relevant to today:   (1) the fact that this friction (which, remember, was still present in 2002 with the Bush DoJ, otherwise why the extraordinary press release by the judges?) provides a motive for Bush's NSA activities, and (2) Congress was willing to work with him back then to make appropriate fixes to the procedure, yet he chose to take an extra-legal route intead.

    So, regarding your point 2, the main point is that there was friction between the DoJ and the judges that gave Bush the motive.

    (-7.75, -6.05).   Life is like this analogy...

    by shock on Tue Dec 20, 2005 at 03:02:40 PM PST

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